About Us

Hi, my name is Kate Leeham, I am 31 years old and I am a mother to a wonderful 5 year old boy. My husband and I are expecting a baby girl to join our family this September. My former classmates, family members and friends have all warned me that it isn’t just twice the amount of work when you add that second child, it’s MORE that double as you try to continue to be the best mom to your first child while giving the same amount of attention to your second that you did with your first!

After my son was born, I soon realized that it was WAY easier having him inside than out! So, this brings me to why I started this site and why I’m cherishing every moment of silence that I can as my 5 year old has now learned to quietly play by himself for a bit of time. Originally my husband and I wanted to enroll our son through the standard conventional school route, but after speaking with so many other parents (plus reading the news), we decided to home school our son.

Instead of starting a new site completely, my husband and I saw that zoocoupons was available and already had a good following, so we bought the site in August of 2015 and are working to make this the best site for parents to go to regarding any information they need to find about zoos in the US. This is our homeschooling project!

My tech savvy son actually knows how to help me with research and we created a big map of the United States with a tag for each of the zoos. He then is working through memorizing where each state is located on the map by pinpointing the zoo locations. Yes, this is a challenge at the age of 5, but we figured the best thing we can do is parents is not put our son into the stereotypical box of what we think he is capable in doing. So far he’s starting from the west coast and moving east. 😄

My family loves to travel and now that we have kids, our travels have turned toward places that have kid-friendly activities. Now that my son can actually recognize animals, I thought this would be the appropriate way for me to share our experience, research potential spots to visit and learn from others as we share with one another. I decided to write for this website because I felt like there was a need to help families in similar situations to ours who can’t necessarily afford to travel the world and show everything amazing to their children. ZooCoupons is a great site to help us as fellow parents save money or at least talk about the great things you can see at different zoos nationwide. So, please like, follow and feel free to share any information that you find useful on this site with your friends or family.