Bear Season Some Fictional Bears that Could Make Any Zoo Lively

Whenever I visit my hometown zoo in San Francisco, I make sure to visit and check the bears. It is always a treat to see these large creatures abound, whether they’re just bumming around (with their large stomach on the ground) or walking around and showing their dominance to all of their spectators.

Though it may be more fiction than fact (most species of bears are known for their aggressiveness), I always seem to view these animals as gentle giants, that they can always make any zoo a lively place to visit. So much, that I’ve been a bear advocate for quite some time now, even looking up on some fictional bears. So, to further spice up a zoo’s ambiance, here are some bears that I’d think would brighten up any zoo visit:

Smokey Bear

As the Unites States Forest Service mascot, Smokey Bear, the spokesman and National Zoo Highlight – or just Smokey – is a definite image of a gentle bear. With his propaganda-like image on preventing forest fires, he not not only entertains, but teaches lessons as well. Smokey’s forest ranger hat is only an iconic image, reminding everyone that animals can also be caretakers of nature.

(Po) Kung Fu Panda

It’s kung fu fighting with Po! They already have a Kung Fu Panda attraction at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Kung Fu Panda is such a delight to watch, mainly because it breaks the stigma of stereotypical roles. Just because you’re large or overweight doesn’t mean you can’t live your dreams. And with Po being a Panda – which is actually one of the most gentlest bears in the world – he creates a large recall value for kids and adults alike. Also, it’s his great fighting moves that makes him such a hit. How great would it be to see a Panda bear fly high in the sky to kick a block of wood!

Winnie the Pooh

He may not be big, but Winnie the Pooh has got to be the most philosophical bear the world has ever encountered. It’s as simple as it gets – with most of his beliefs stemming from a child’s point of view – but that has got to be the biggest thing that Pooh gives. Imagine this: if ever he’s in a zoo, we can all learn to appreciate the most simplest things in life, which in turn can transform the world into a better place to live in.

Bears are great creatures that can spice up a zoo’s ambiance. Though the bears listed in this article are fictional, they can live on in the actual bears housed in zoos. The next time you visit a zoo, make sure to wave hello to the bears!