Beardsley Zoo Coupons

Beardsley Zoo
1875 Noble Avenue,
Bridgeport, CT 06610

Phone Number:
(203) 394-6565
(203) 394-6569

Operation Hours:
Daily 9am – 4pm

About the Zoo:
Are you more interested in seeing animals from North and South America? If you’re looking for a zoo that can actually give your simple standard, going to Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut will be the best choice. Clearly, your kids will be left in awe as they watch the different animals’ unique nature. Just to give you something to look forward viewing, here are some of the endangered and threatened species featured in the zoo:

Amur ( A Siberian Tiger)
Andean Condor
Red Wolf
Andean Bear
Maned Wolf
Golden Lion Tamarin

Beardsley Zoo Coupons
Planning to give your child a swell birthday party? Why not book the event at Beardsley Zoo? You can also hold corporate events, weddings, private events and other social gatherings. For inquiries, you can call the phone number mentioned above.

Just think about this, you won’t only impart a wonderful experience to your young one, you will also make them learn more about animals and the importance of these creatures without getting bored! For event guidelines, upcoming information and other concerns, you may visit their website. So what are waiting for? Buy a ticket or book your event as early as now!