Bergen Coutry Zoological Park Coupons

Bergen Coutry Zoological Park
216 Forest Avenue
Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone Number:
(201) 262-3771

About the Zoo:
Visit Bergen County Zoological Park with your family and get loads of facts about animals! Not only that, you will surely enjoy your stay here because the zoo does not only impart informational details but they also provide entertainment for you and your family! Well, here’s the good news, you won’t have to shell out a huge amount of dollars just to have fun. If you will check out the general admission guide on top of this page, you will see how low the rates are! What’s even better? You can also have your kids learn more about wild and domestic animals with the zoo’s various programs. Just to give you a brief background about these programs, take a look at these:

Bergen Coutry Zoological Park Coupons‘Sense’-Sational Animals – If your child is still in a pre-K stage, this program will greatly increase his knowledge about the five senses of the body.

Survival Strategies – This is for children in grades 1-2. It mainly talks about the different strategies of animals.

Dispelling Myths – This is for kids of any grade. It will delve more about amazing facts about animals. Some of the questions that might be answered are: “Can an owl turn its head 360 degrees?” and “Are snakes really slimy?”.

You can also enjoy some of their services like birthday bookings and class tours. For more information about Bergen County Zoological Park, you may visit this website regularly.

Ticket Admission Price:
Kids (ages 3-14): $2.25
Adults: $5.25
Senior Citizens: $1.50