Bird Kingdom Zoo Coupons

Bird Kingdom Zoo
5651 River Road
Niagara Falls
Ontario L2E 7M7

Phone Number:

Phone: 905-356-8888

Operation Hours:
Daily: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Ticket Admission Price:
Adults (age 16-54): $16.95
Kids (age 4-15): $11.95
Seniors (age 55+): $14.95

About the Zoo:
People seldom pay their attention to many things around them, specifically birds. Practically saying, these animals do little to no good in most of the people’s lives that’s why it’s not surprising that you know a few things about birds. Why not learn about these animals and visit the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls for a little change of lifestyle? After all, shelling out a few dollars for the admission fee will not be such a huge effect in your expenses. What’s good about this, is you’ll be able to gain unique knowledge about birds – which most people don’t usually have.

Discover some of the sanctuary’s features:
Small Aviary, Encounter Room,
Nocturnal, Main Aviary,
Javanese Tea House, Macaw Market

By visiting the sanctuary, you will be able to contribute help in making the sanctuary Bird Kingdom Zoo Couponscapable of feeding these hundreds of birds everyday. See? You’ll help and learn at the same time – it’s a win-win actually! Don’t forget to bring your family or friends with you to enjoy your leisure time together. Please be advised that HST is not included on the prices mentioned above so make sure that you bring extra cash for your admission budget. Visit this website more often to gather more information in the near future. You may also dial the phone number posted on this page should you have inquiries about group tours.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.