If I had my Own Zoo: Choice Animals I’d like to Have!

That sure was fun – my zoo trip, that is! Having had the chance to visit one of my favorite Philippine zoos – The Manila Zoo – made my daydreaming-self come up with various fun scenarios. A favorite of mine (oh, I do hope it happens – not likely, though!) is me having access to unlimited funds on creating a personal zoo. Laugh if you want, but think about it: it has got to be the best thing that can happen to any animal lover. But what if – again, if – it did happen? If it does, I’d probably have these animals safely living in my personal zoo:


If I had my Own Zoo: Choice Animals I'd like to Have!








Hey, they’re the king of the jungle, might as well have them in my zoo! For me, the lion’s appeal to me goes to its mane. Aside from being a male lion’s most distinguishable physical feature, the mane exudes a form of grace and pride. It’s like a king’s crown – and I’d like royalty for my zoo!









If lions are to live in the safari area of my zoo, I’d like Arctic Wolves in my polar area. There’s something about wolf packs that seem to be so appealing to me. Perhaps it’s the way they hunt, and their feeding hierarchy (alpha wolves eat first) that make them such a treat to watch. Also, having to see how they survive in the harshest colds always amazes me – it’s survival of the fittest, matched together with teamwork of a pack.










You may be thinking, of all animals, why hyenas? It’s the laugh – specifically, their vocal habits – that makes me want them in my zoo. I actually always want a domesticated hyena – if ever there’s one – for me to hang out with. Just imagine, just lounging around, probably smoking a fine cigar and drinking an ice-cold drink with me and my hyena pet – it’s a sight meant for buddy movies, with my loyal hyena snickering and grunting all day long!

It’s the stuff of daydreams, but how I wish it can actually happen. Lions are a symbol of dominance, making them the king of wildlife. Wolves signify teamwork, that things get done when everyone’s doing their part. Hyenas, the joker of the group, brings in the laugh. But more importantly, having a personal zoo – if ever it does happen – will not only fulfill my dreams, but allows me to keep them safe from harm. Try to come up with animals for your personal zoo as well!