Kansas City Zoo Highlights Perfect for Family Trips

What makes a zoo stand out? Is it the animal attractions and living exhibits? Is it the hospitable zoo personnel and guides that take you and your family along the different locations in the zoo? Not all zoos are made equal, if you want your family to have a thrilling zoo experience this summer, just visit the Kansas area and have a grand time in the Kansas City Zoo! There are different locations where kids and adults can take sight of wondrous and exotic animals like the Australia; Tiger Trail (Asia); Tropics, an indoor rainforest; KidZone, which includes the Discovery Barn, Peek-A-Boo Tree and an Endangered Species Carousel; and a 100 acre-African Plains. The new Tropics, an indoor rainforest, opened in 2009 in the orignal Zoo building and polar bears in The Polar Bear Passage.

Some of the new highlights that will surely fascinate everyone are the new female gorillas located in the Congo section, The Beaks and Feet Boulevard where there are various avian species from the Asian tropics and native birds as well, a reptile exhibit which is Snakes Alive where there are over a dozen different reptiles and slithery animals, and the Tropics Indoor Rainforest which houses an entire collection of animals ranging from Saki monkeys joined by golden lion tamarins, white-cheeked gibbons, small-clawed otters, capybara, and a variety of birds, including crested screamers and toucans, and many more.

Also, don’t forget to check out any upcoming events in the zoo like the Jazzoo which celebrates the arrival of the new Polar Bears by a special event held by the zoo, Windwalkers where everyone can take a walk towards the wild side of the zoo where zoo members also get various perks thanks to the milestones achieved in the zoo, and even the Kid Conservation Club where kids 5-12 can join kiddie activities and conservation efforts as well.

Don’t miss out on getting the opportunity to save on your tickets and admission purchases as well; there are plenty of discounted ticket coupons up for grabs that’s perfect for a family pass or single day passes. The perfect family trip is now good to go when you visit the Kansas City Zoo!