Midnight in the Zoo 3 Singapore Night Safari attractions you would want to beam your flashlight on

Do you find zoo visits boring, mainly because some of the animals seem to be – for lack of a better word – dead? You can’t blame them though. With the controlled environment of most zoos, most of the captive animals seem to have lost their drive.

This goes particularly true for nocturnal animals. With their body clocks set at night, its no wonder they seem restless – and irritated – during the day. Coupled with cramp cages and the constant noises by their human audience, you know you just can’t enjoy seeing them out of their natural state.

But there’s no need to fret. There’s actually a zoo that lets its nocturnal animal inhabitants stay awake on their normal body clock’s schedule. In the Singapore Night Safari, the first ever nocturnal zoo in the world, you’ll get to see and experience nocturnal animals in their most natural state.

The Singapore Night Safari effectively simulates a natural ambiance. Lighting in the zoo creates a moonlight effect. Caged animals are a rare encounter – instead of cages, cattle grids are placed along certain locations to prevent animals entering a predator’s territory.

To let you know what you’ll expect from this unconventional yet very interesting zoo, here are some of its attractions worth pointing your flashlight at:

Creatures of the Night Show
To set the compelling and exciting mood of the safari evening, the Creatures of the Night Show introduces and informs its audience on the many nocturnal animals found in the Singapore Night Safari. You’ll get to know more about owls, bongos, tarsiers and rhinos. These animals and the very unique and festive cultural performances will surely delight the audience.

Equatorial Africa
The defining attraction, the namesake (safari = Africa) of the zoo, the Equatorial Africa is accessible via a special tram. Various animals including giraffes, servals and the occasional lion, can be safely observed and appreciated.

Walking Trails
For the total nocturnal experience of the zoo, try out the Walking Trails attraction. With linked trails going to four thematic locations, this attraction is best known for the close encounters with the wild. Feel your senses rattle with the sounds and sights you’ll experience.

The Singapore Night Safari is not only known for its unique approach in zookeeping, but educating and promoting the proper advocacy on nocturnal animals. Nothing comes unique as seeing nocturnal animals at their best. Visit the Singapore Night Safari for the total fun and learning zoo package.