Safety Guidelines When You Bring Kids to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo can really be exciting and educational especially for kids since they have a natural connection with animals. But even though this is true, you should also remember that safety precautions are needed to be done when visiting the zoo. Here are some of the things that you need to remember to help keep your children safe while visiting animals from the zoo.

Follow Zoo Safety Rules

The most important thing that you should know is to follow the zoo’s safety rules at all times. Keep in mind that the zoo keeps many wild animals and they are kept in cages to ensure the safety and convenience of the visitors. “Always take time to read the zoo safety rules that are printed out in zoo brochures and even in strategically placed signs all around the area,” according to Virginia Zoo Coupons. Remember to relate to your kids that they are not allowed to go near animal cages nor are they allowed to put their hands into the cages to avoid any untoward incidents that may occur.


Avoid Feeding the Animals


(Source: Akron Zoo)

Most of the animals that are kept in the zoo are on special diets that’s why only zookeepers are allowed to feed them to prevent these animals from being sick. Aside from that, it is also of utmost necessity to always remind the children to avoid feeding these zoo animals as they may bite and attack a child who is trying to give them food.

Supervise Children at Zoo

Zoos can be pretty crowded especially during weekends and holidays that’s why you always have to keep an eye on your kids. Children can easily get separated from their parents that’s why letting them run around the area on their own may cause them to get lost. You could put a special tag on your kids where your name and mobile number is written so zoo staff can easily contact you if in case your child has wandered off.

Keep Proper Hygiene after Touching Animals


(Source: Birmingham Zoo)

There are some zoos that have open areas where they can actually touch tamer animals. Although this can be exciting, you should remember that this can also spread harmful germs to your children. You just have to remind the kids to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water after interacting with the animals. You could use hand sanitizers, too.

Eat Only at Suitable Eating Areas

When you want to eat lunch or snack, find a suitable eating area and keep food and drinks out of animals areas. Always wash your hands well before eating.

Make the most out of your zoo trip with your children. Follow these safety rules and you’ll surely have a memorable day learning and interacting with the different animals your kids will definitely surely love.