The Best Summer Options for Adults and Kids in the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Looking for other activities and things to do this summer? Get rid of the boredom and idle time when staying at home during the summer season. If you want to get a value added experience in terms of fun and learning for the whole family then you can visit the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. By visting this zoo, you and your family will rediscover the leisure, fun and learning value of flora and fauna that’s entirely different from today’s fun and leisure pursuits like entertainment centers or video game centers. Here you will get to see different animals within mini-reserves and conservation areas. Don’t hesitate to look for an online information kiosk if you plan on going to visit this zoo.

There are more than 1,100 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles inside the zoo facility and several botanical collections of 7,400 individual plants. The zoo aims to enlighten and inform individuals and their families about through conservation efforts and educational endeavours for more awareness about nature and its inhabitants. And if you think this will be a boring romp all throughout then think again! The zoo has a bevy of tours and highlights that can make your family’s visit worhtwhile. Take a look at the Red Ape Rain Forest to see orangutans in a Southeast Asian rainforest themed habitat, see exotic birds and other avian wonders in the World of Birds Show every weekend and holiday, and take your kids to the summer fun zone where different fun activities await.

Now everyone can have the best summer options while in the zoo and botanical garden! Schedule your kids in the Summer ZooCamp to get your kids inspired on caring for animals and learn more about them through games and activities. There are also educational adult programs that engage parents via shortcourses and lectures, the latest features An Eye for Elephants photography where adults can learn about elephants at the same time.