Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Great Animal Exhibits and Conservation Programs

Visiting a zoo in the Seattle area? Do you want a meaningful zoo experience while getting discount coupon tickets with your family this vacation season? When visiting Seattle, take time to have some leisure time and gain extra information about animals and their way of life in the Woodland Park Zoo! The place is located in 92 acre bioclimatic zones with different habitats which range from tropical rain forests, coastal deserts, and even temperate forests.

You and your family will see how beautiful each species of animal is and how important they are in the continued cycle of nature. Take a look at mammals like meerkats, wallaroos, lions, African Elephants, Brown bears, Tapir (Malayan), Gazelles, Gray Wolves, and even Japanese serow. For Birds and other avian species the zoo has emus, green herons, Cereopsis goose, Pintail, North American wood duck, Black spurred-winged goose, Northern helmeted curassow, Tibetan white-eared pheasant, Cabot’s tragopan, Yellow-rumped cacique, and many more.

The various living exhibits where these living animals are the Zoomazium, Family Park and Contact Area, Willawong Station, The Northern Trail, Tropical Rainforest Zone, Temperate Forest Zone, African Savanna Exhibit, and even the Australasia Zone.

Now you and your family will get to know more about these animals and get the chance to interact with several of them as well. Friendly and accomodating zoo personnel and guides will direct you to the best locations inside the zoo.

You’d be surprised to know that there are also educational programs like camps for kids, volunteering opportunities and the Backyward Habitat where adults can immerse themselves in the conservation programs of the zoo as well. Looking for additional updates?

Better visit the main website and take a look at the updated calendar of activities and educational resources for each family member to get engaged in this endeavour.

Also, keep in mind that there are coupons for the Woodland Park Zoo! Now everyone can enjoy staying in the zoo without worrying about expensive admission prices and tickets. Better check out online sources like zoo coupon websites and third party sites as well.