ZOO PHOTOGRAPHY: Tips on Getting Perfect Animal Pictures at the Zoo

A trip to the zoo can be a fun and memorable journey for anyone who loves a festive environment and of course, the animals. One of the best ways to forever capture those wonderful memories when you visit the zoo is to actually take pictures of the animals there. But zoo photography can really be a hard task especially since there are a lot of rules and restrictions when you visit the zoo. But it can also prove to be exciting especially if you know what to do and what shots to take. To get you started, here are some tips on how you can get the perfect animal pictures the next time you visit the zoo.

elmvale-jungle-zoo( Source: Elmvale Jungle Zoo )


Before you start taking pictures, it is best to identify first your point of interest as to why you want to take a picture of a particular animal. This will help you know the kind of approach you’re going to use for you to be able to create a good shot.


Without breaking any zoo rules, getting close to your subject is still possible. Remember that getting close to a particular subject allows you to become more intimate with it, thus allowing you to produce pictures on a different level. Try to take a shot of the animals by focusing on its eyes and looking for a prominent position in which to take the shot. You could also get down low at their level to provide you with a different angle and have a more personal shot of them.


( source: LA Zoo and Botanical Garden )


Although you don’t necessarily have to tear down the animal cage and cause a commotion at the zoo, you can actually make the cages disappear by increasing your camera’s focal length and by choosing a wider aperture. When you do this, cages and fences will seem to disappear and can give you a wildlife feel to your picture.


Another challenge that you can overcome when taking pictures of animals at the zoo is shooting through a glass. To achieve this, all you have to do is to find a spot in the glass that is free from scratches and wipe it with a cloth to remove possible finger prints. Then using your hands or a lens hood to eliminate the glass reflections, shoot at a right angle to the glass. Doing this can make your pictures look as if no glasses existed when you took the shot.


It is always fun to take shot of people’s reaction as they watch and mimic animals. Always be ready to take these shots as they can also be a good subject for your zoo photography.