Bowmanville Zoo Coupons

Bowmanville Zoo
340 King Street East
Bowmanville, Ontario
Canada – L1C 3K5

Phone Number:
(905) 623-5655

About the Zoo:
There are some zoos in Canada that won’t even let you go near the cage because of the fierce and untamed wild animals. Want to have a “real” wildlife experience in an animal institution? Then visit the Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario! As their motto says; “You can’t get any closer!” and that’s true. In this zoo, you will experience how to stand beside a towering elephant, you can be inches away from a lion because of the transparent glass and you can also try other attractions! It’s not just a zoo where all you can do is walk and watch.

Some of the zoo’s stars are the following:
Tigers (Billy and Robbie)
Black Jaguar (Baghera)
Elephants (Sheba and Limba)
Camels (Sam, Sally Schoodles, Eddie, Todd and Gordy)
Primates – (Maggie and Petie)

Other programs and attractions available:

Daily presentations (11:00 AM and 1:00 PM) in the ANIMATHEATRE that can house 400 people.
Bowmanville Zoo CouponsThe zoo offers animal rides for only $4.00 per person.
Teachers, attendants and children are entitled on a 15% discount when they purchase items like souvenirs.
Drivers and teachers are entitled to a FREE admission. However, additional chaperons are required to pay the special group rates.
Bus drivers and teachers will also get coupons that will entitle them with FREE coffee and soda.