Brantford Twin Valley Zoo Coupons

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo
84 Langford Church Road
Brantford, ON N3T 5L4

Phone Number:

Ticket Admission Price:

Admission Prices:
Adult (age 18-64): $14.50
Youth (age 13-17): $13.50
Senior (age 65+): $13.50
Child (age 2-12): $7.75

Group Tour Fees:

For groups with 10-19 members:
Adult (age 18-64): $13.50
Youth (age 13-17): $12.50
Senior (age 65+): $12.50
Child (age 2-12): $6.75

For groups with 20+ members:
Adult (age 18-64): $8.50
Youth (age 13-17): $8.50
Senior (age 65+): $8.50
Child (age 2-12): $6.50

About the Zoo:

Zoos carry a lot of controversies – especially when the topic is animal welfare. If there’s one zoo in Canada where you can be sure that animal respect is observed, the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo in Ontario is one good example. You will notice that the first rule in its policy is about animal respect. Visitors will not only be taught about animal welfare, but they will also discover a lot about wild animals and their nature. See a variety of reptiles, birds, mammals, and even plants!

The zoo has some of the animals that can only be seen from certain parts of the world. You might want to check out the following: Red Kangaroo, Black Swan, Wallaby, Black Bear, Eagle, Red Fox, Owl, Reindeer, Cougar, Turkey, Lynx, Baboon, Camel, Crowned Crane, Ring-Tailed Lemur, B&W Lemur, Lion, Nile Monitor, Ostrich, Pygmy Goats, Pied Crow, Mouflon, Zebra, African Porcupine, Vervet Monkey, Cockatoo, Fallow Deer, Peafowl, Tiger, Celebes Macaque, Burmese Python, Jaguar, Turtle, Capybara, Coati, Flamingo, Alpaca, Patagonian Cavy.

Zoo Hours:

May through September: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Labour Day through Thanksgiving: Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM / Weekends: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Brantford Twin Valley Zoo CouponsReading this article will just give you a brief idea about the zoo; it’s still different if you visit the tour spot yourself and take sight of the various animals housed there. Visit this website often to get a good grasp of information about Brantford Twin Valley Zoo.