Buttonpark Zoo Coupons

Buttonpark Zoo
425 Hawthorn Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

Phone Number:
(508) 991-6178

About the Zoo:

Are you looking for a good place to go in Massachusetts? Well, there are plenty of places, but only a few can give you a valuable trip that you won’t forget. One example is the Buttonwood Park Zoo located at New Bedford. Well, with hundreds of animals exhibited here, you’d be surprised that the zoo actually has low admission rates! Wondering what’s actually waiting for you behind the gates of this animal haven? Here are the other attractions that you might like:

Zoo encounters – Is taking a look at wild animals not enough for you? The thought of just watching animals cage after cage can sometimes be boring. Because the zoo is aware of this, there are some animals in Buttonwood Park Zoo that you can touch like tame elephants.

Animals of the Wildlife Carousel – Now you won’t have to be bored at all because there’s a carousel ride waiting for you inside the zoo!

Choose between 18 different animals featured in this carousel. Some of the animals are giraffe, eagle, horse, zebra, deer, hummingbird, tiger, elephant, rooster, panther and seal.

Flashlight Adventures – Are your kids wondering what happens to animals after all the zoo keepers are gone? This program will give enlightenment to your little ones’ curious minds as they make a trip in the zoo during the night!

If you have questions about reservations, group rates and memberships, you may contact the phone number posted above this page. You may also visit this website regularly if you want to gather useful information about Buttonwood Park Zoo in the near future.

Ticket Admission Price:
Kids (ages 3-12): $3.00
Adults: $6.00
Senior Citizens and Teens: $4.50