Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Zoo Coupons

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory
2500 Kossuth Road
Cambridge, Ontario
N3h 4R7


Conservatory Hours:
Daily: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Admission Prices:
Adult (age 18-64): $13.00
Youth (age 13-17): $11.58
Senior (age 65+): $11.58
Child (age 3-12): $6.78
Toddler (age 2 below): FREE

About the Zoo:
When you want to spend a nice weekend where you can marvel at the flora and fauna of Canada, then head to Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. At least 2000 butterflies are housed in this conservatory. Aside from butterflies, there are also birds, plants, live bugs and monarch rearing kits that you will surely love. Other than those key features, the admission prices are also affordable – if splurging a lot of cash is what you’re worried about. Take a look at the details provided below:The monarch kit includes the following:

Four Monarch Caterpillars
3 Monarch Chrysalides
Potted Tropical Milkweed Plant
Large Collapsible Mesh Rearing Cage (with zip closure)
Five MonarchWatch Migration Tags & Datasheet
Care Manual
Milkweed Seeds
Monarch Lifecycle Poster
Butterfly Gardening & Monarch Waystation Information

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Zoo CouponsNow that you have a strong idea of what you will find in this conservatory, the next good thing that you can do now is to plan you visit here! Why hold back those greens when you know that you and you family will benefit from the tour. Check back on this website for more information about the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.