Cool and Interesting Facts About Snakes

There has always been myths and beliefs about snakes. It is one of the most revered– and feared, if I may say– animal that ever roamed on land. But before you get scared of snakes, you should know that snakes are actually great reptiles that everyone should try to know. Know more about these cold and slimy creatures by reading some of the interesting facts about snakes.

tb(source: Turtle Back Zoo)

– In ancient Greece, snakes were believed to be messengers of the god of healing and medicine, Asklepios. They were believed to be sacred and possess healing with a touch of the tongue. So do not wonder anymore where the snake in the symbol of physicians and veterinarians.

– Many snakes have temperature-sensing organs on  their heads which are sensitive to temperature changes (even to little changes) so snakes can still be able to navigate and hunt even at night.

– Snakes actually have 300 pair of ribs that help them crawl to the ground.

– These legless reptiles in fact turn blue before they shed. This is because a lymph-like layer of fluid forms between the old and the new skin.

– When it comes to internal organs, snakes have more or less the same as mammals– the main difference would be the arrangement to make way for the tube-like body of the snake.

– The tube that you will see when you look at a snake’s mouth are flexible and can move to the left or right, so that it would be easier for snakes to swallow their prey.

– A snake’s heart is also mobile and can move almost twice from its normal position to allow the passage of swallowed food.

– Although venomous snakes inject their venom through their bites, they can also spit the venom out using tiny channels inside their fangs. It can aim the venom as far as three feet and mainly targets the eyes and mucous membranes of its prey.

– When you see a snake flick out his tongue, most likely he’s “smelling” the air. The forked tongue of the snake is designed in such a way that aids snakes to detect where the smell is strongest. This then helps him find his prey even in the dark.

– Sidewinding is a specialized motion of snakes that allow them to travel faster without consuming too much energy, especially along a loose desert sand.

bz( source: Bronx Zoo)

Snakes are basically harmless creatures that doesn’t deserve to be looked at as a curse or a monster that takes aways people’s lives. They are cool and exciting reptiles thats worth admiring. So the next time you see a snake when you visit a zoo, be sure to know more about it.