Dallas Zoo Coupons

Dallas Zoo Coupons

Dallas Zoo
650 S RL Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75203

Phone Number:

Operation Hours:

Daily 9:00am-4:00pm

About the Zoo:
Stop at the Dallas Zoo and you’ll see a variety of species, both land and marine ones, from all over the world. The place showcases the diverse natural habitats of the wildlife residents and instills upon its visitors knowledge about these and how to protect them.

By visiting each exhibits, each person will be introduced to both traditional and exotic animals found in different parts of the globe. Indeed, visiting the place is a rewarding experience.

Dallas Zoo CouponsAside from all of these, the place is a perfect tourist spot for all families. The zoo holds a number of events and parties for all its visitors to participate in, making the place not only an educational institution but also a venue for entertainment and bonding.

Visiting this animal home with zoo coupons will definitely make the trip worth while since you’ll be able to gain access to discounts to the zoo’s merchandise and other services.

Ticket Admission Price:

Adults = $12.00
Seniors = $9.00
Children 2-11 = $9.00
Children 0-3 = free