DEW Animal Kingdom Coupons

DEW Animal Kingdom
918 Pond Road
Mt. Vernon, ME 04352

Phone Number:207-293-2837


Have a spectacular time at D.E.W. Animal Kingdom without shelling a lot of money! From exotic monkeys, pack of wolves, tigers and lions to domestic animals like pigs, goats and chickens, your kids will surely have new friends at the end of the day! Want to know why? Because the animals here have unique names to remember them by. Here are some of the featured animals that grew up at D.E.W. Animal Kingdom:

Mufasa Obama – This African Lion was born in the 24th of August last 2008. Take a look at his cute pictures from his first week up until his 19th month! It’s like witnessing his growth fast forward!

– It was over a year after Mufasa was born when the zoo had a cute African Lioness named Tawana. You can check out her growth progress from her sixth day to her fifth month.

Choctaw, Noweta and Cherokee – Check out the photos of these three Timber wolves from their first two months up to their eleventh month.

Visiting the D.E.W. Animal Kingdom in a large group? Here’s the admission guide that might be of help to you:

1-9 Individuals: $10.00
10-19 Individuals: $8.00
20-29 Individuals: $5.00
30+ Individuals: $3.00

Please be advised that the zoo cannot take credit/debit card as a form of payment. If you have questions regarding the reservation, you may contact the phone number posted above this page. Check this website regularly for more information about D.E.W. Animal DEW Animal Kingdom CouponsKingdom.

Ticket Admission Price:
Admission (age 3-99): $10.00
Toddlers (age 2 below): FREE