Five Most Popular Animals in the Zoo

If you want to learn about different animals, go to the zoo. It emits a different kind of fascination to people going there.  Although there are literally a diverse species of animals, there will always be the all time favorite attractions that people love to see every time.

Elephants are definitely a favorite in every zoo. I mean, who doesn’t adore these gentle giants with their big ears and strong trunks? I remember, when I was kid, I used to stay in front of the elephant’s cage for quite some time, curiously watching every move that it tries to make. It’s really fascinating whenever it moves its very powerful nose to grab on to his food. Or maybe he’s just raising it to let everybody know that he’s enjoying the attention.

Lions and Tigers
A zoo trip will never be complete without seeing the lions and the tigers. Of course, they’re the all powerful big cats in the animal kingdom. Seeing them at play or just walking in their cage is already amazing. But if you’re lucky enough to hear their growls, you will be glad that there’s a fence that separates you from them.

Giraffes are not so common so make sure that you get to personally see one, without the hassles of going to the savannahs in Africa. Finding a giraffe in a zoo is easy– people will be most likely looking up. That should come as to no surprise since giraffes are the world’s tallest mammals, and they can grow as tall as 19 feet! They may look down on you once in a while, but don’t worry, they are sociable creatures.

Another animal that’s been gaining popularity in zoos is the hippopotamus or river horse. Hippos are amphibians– during daytime, they submerge their bodies in water and by sunset, they leave the water and walk as far as five miles. Although they may look harmless, hippos are considered one of the most feared and dangerous animals in Africa. Although predators can kill baby hippos, adults are rarely attacked. But don’t worry, they don’t eat humans, they’re vegetarians and eat mainly grasses and water plants.

Monkeys are surely popular and one of the animals that people love to see when they visit the zoo. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because monkeys are like humans in so many ways– they communicate with hand gestures, facial expressions and also through noises called vocalizations. These primates are playful in nature and can be funny, too.