Florida Zoo Coupons

Florida Zoos have different themes and points of interest that attract a lot of people. For instance, the Miami MetroZoo is the oldest and biggest zoo in Florida, and it houses 1,200 animals. It also has 80 exhibits and a number of trails. Although the original MetroZoo was destroyed by the hurricane Andrew in 1992, it was still restored and has become one of the most visited attractions in Florida.

Like the MetroZoo, the Lowry Park, the Brevard Zoo and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are also famous zoos in Florida. Disney’s Animal Kingdom was 5th most visited amusement park in the US and the 8th in the world, with around 9.54 million visitors last 2008 alone. The Brevard Zoo has a wild range of animals coming from North and South America, Africa, and even Australia. Children and adults as well are going to be treated to some of the most interesting animals that they would likely not see anywhere else. The Lowry Park Zoo has been voted as the number one most family-friendly zoo in the US by Child Magazine. The property has more than 2,000 animals and specializes on being the center of wildlife conservation and diversity in all of Florida. You can visit these different zoos using the Florida Zoo coupons. The coupons can be grabbed from any retail store near the zoo, or online if you’re not a Florida local. Usually, there are sites that particularly give out coupons for these zoos, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much if you want to visit all of these in Florida.

Florida Zoo