Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Coupons

Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Coupons

Folsom Zoo Sanctuary
403 Stafford Street,
Folsom CA 95630

Phone Number:
(916) 351-3527

Operation Hours:

Daily 10am – 4pm

About the Zoo:
There are two kinds of zoo, the first one is the “main stream” zoo which caters mainly for commercial purposes. The other kind is less like zoo and more like a sanctuary for animals rescued from danger. Are you looking for the latter kind? Folsom Zoo Sanctuary can provide you the more knowledge than entertainment when it comes of knowing more about wild animals. Since its establishment in 1963, the institution for animals has developed widely, rescuing more wild animals up to this day.

If you want to visit this sanctuary together with your little ones, here’s the general admission guide that will be of great use to your budgetting:

Weekend Rates (effective last July 1st 2010)

Kids (age 2-12): $4.00
Adults (age 13 years up): $5.00
Senior Citizens (age 55+): $4.00

You might be wondering why there are higher rates on weekends, right? It’s because the zoo decided to put additional attractions Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Couponsevery weekend. Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is not operating on major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s day. For more information, updates, news, promos, and suggestions, you may contact the phone number listed above this page or you may visit this website regularly.

Ticket Admission Price:

Kids (age 2-12 ears): $3.00
Adults (age 13 years up): $4.00
Senior Citizens (age 55+): $3.00