Fort Rickey Zoo Coupons

Want to give your kids a nice whole day tour somewhere but your budget is a bit short? Here’s the good news, you can still do that without burning a hole in your wallet with Fort Rickey Children’s Discovery Zoo. Surely, you’re aware that you will actually provide two benefits to your kids: (1) fun (2) educational tour. Since this zoo mainly focuses on children, everything that’s featured here would make your kids learn, enjoy and interact more! Well, if you’ve come up with a brilliant idea like booking a birthday party or class tour, here’s the admission guide that will be of great use to you:

Group Package:

Child: $5.00
Adult: $5.00

The package includes a free portion of animal food per child. There will be a group presentation that will tell more about animals. A half an hour playtime is also free in the zoo’s

There will also be a free chaperone for every six children. Please be informed that you have to make reservations for 15 or more Fort Rickey Zoo Discountschildren to be entitled to this kind of package. Here’s the price guide for birthday party package:

Child: $ 8.00, Adult: $ 8.50

The package includes a free portion of animal food per kid. There’s also a free pony ride per child and half an hour stay in playland. The zoo will also provide one free adult guide for every 5 children.

For more information about Fort Rickey Children’s Discovery Zoo, you can visit this website regularly.