Gladys Porter Zoo Coupons

Gladys Porter Zoo
500 Ringgold Street
Brownsville, TX 78520

Phone Number:
(956) 546-2177

About the Zoo:
Surely, this 31-acre zoo in central Brownsville will give back everything you paid for! If you want your kids to learn more than what the school teaches, the zoo would be the perfect place to bring your kids! Over a hundred animals are housed in this tour spot and you will surely find a lot of ways to enjoy in a single day! Do you know what’s even beneficial for your young ones? There are educational programs offered by the zoo to hone every toddler’s developing minds. Here are some that you might find interesting:

Guess what kind of animal it is
– This will perfectly train your kid’s memory capacity. The zoo staff will show random pictures of animals and the kids will guess what kind of animal’s in the picture. With this simple yet stimulating activity, the kids’ brain development will enhance.

Sounds like?
– This activity will focus more in enhancing a child’s memory through the use of the sense of hearing. Various animals sounds will be played and the children will guess which wild animal owns that sound.

Gladys Porter Zoo Coupons
These are just few of the beneficial things that you will find in Gladys Porter Zoo. There are also other features and attractions in the zoo that can beat the boredom out of you. For more details about reservations, groups rates and memberships, calling the phone number posted in this page is most helpful. Try checking this site every now and then for the latest updates about Gladys Porter Zoo.

Ticket Admission Price:

Kids (ages 2-13): $ 6.50
Adults: $ 9.50
Senior Citizens: $ 8.00
Toddlers (ages 2 under): FREE