Henry Vilas Zoo Coupons

Henry Vilas Zoo
702 South Randall Avenue
Madison, WI 53715-1665

Phone Number:
(608) 257-1036

About the Zoo:
Are your kids tired of screaming because of a thrilling roller coaster ride or they’re just fed up of visiting the same museum over and over again? Why not give them a special yet cheap trip that will beat the boredom out of them? Surely there are tour spots that can provide you these benefits like the Henry Vilas Zoo. With hundred of animals to take a look at, your kids will surely have mirths and awe in their curious faces. The zoo guarantees you that you won’t leave the premises without any new knowledge learned! Have you already planned to visit this wonderful animal haven? Then these information will greatly help you:

– There’s a gift shop inside the zoo where you can buy a lot of merchandise.
– The zoo also boasts of its food stands that serve delicious snacks and dessert. You won’t have to worry about bringing your own food.
Henry Vilas Zoo Coupons– Visitors can have an interactive activity that will test their “hang time” compared to the orangutan’s skill.
– As part of the zoo’s concession, you can purchase umbrellas, quick rain coverlets disposable cameras and other stuff that you will find useful.

Your kids deserve to learn and have fun. It’s just a matter of what tour spot to visit. Good thing there’s the Henry Vilas Zoo that you can count on! Visit this website for future tips and pitches.