Honolulu National Zoo Coupons

Honolulu National Zoo
151 Kapahulu Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone Number:
(808) 971-7171

Operation Hours:
Daily 9:00am-4:30pm

About the Zoo:
Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii is the main zoological institution of research in the state. This particular Hawaii zoo has specially designed environment for different kinds of animals featured in the institution and has a wide range of exhibits of birds.

Interestingly, it didn’t become a park until after 1916 when the one in charge at that time purchased an African Elephant. The purchase was an addition to the previous animals he bought off already because of his fascination of them, like several lion cubs, a honey bear and a monkey.

The Honolulu Zoo is also the location of some of the most interesting art pieces from different American sculptors.

In this Hawaiian zoo, there are some of the highlights like: Ostrich and Giraffe, metal sculptures by Charles Watson; Elephant’s Child, a bronze sculpture by Tom Tischler; Hippopotami, chicken wire, cloth and resin sculpture by Jack Throp; and Hawaiian Porpoises, a metal, fiberglass and coral sculpture by Ken Shutt. Hawaii zoo coupons will give you access to Honolulu Zoo and will Honolulu National Zoo Couponsgive you instant savings.

Locals and tourists alike usually get their Hawaii zoo coupons from various online sources. You may also visit the zoo’s main site for more information about discounts.

Ticket Admission Price:
Adults = $12
Children 4 to 12 = $3
Children 3 under = Free