Houston Zoo Coupons

Houston Zoo
6200 Golf Course Dr.
Houston, TX 77030

Phone Number:
(713) 533-6500

Operation Hours:
Daily 9:00am-6:00pm

About the Zoo:

Being a home for more than 4500 animals, the Houston Zoo does its best to foster awareness and compassion among its tourists for the environment. Aside from entertaining the millions of people who come and go, the zoo and its staff go through great lengths in order to protect and care for their residents.

The Houston Zoo works hard to inspire others by educating them and showing them how beautiful the environment is. So make sure you and your children take advantage of what they have to offer.
The Houston Zoo is definitely a place for all ages to visit. It is a place where visitors can mingle with different animals as they learn a thing or two about how to protect nature. All in all, both children and adults can undergo activities will sharpen their knowledge about nature and broaden their love for it as well.

Houston Zoo Coupons
By downloading these zoo coupons, people will gain easier access to the zoo and its services and realize that it’s a better way to experience all areas of the place.

Ticket Admission Price:
Adults = $11.00
Seniors = $6.00
Children 2-11 = $7.00
Children 0-3 = Free