Illinois Zoo Coupons

Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo are both located in Illinois. These parks are home to some interesting animals. For instance, the Lincoln Park is home to the first bison born in captivity. It’s also home to a burr oak tree which dates back to 1830. Two of the four parts of the zoo is dedicated especially for children. Some animals which tourists are most fond of visiting include the polar bears, gorillas, and lions. There’s also a section in the zoo that’s like a small farm, so children can see different kinds of farm animals such as pigs and cows, and how cows are milked. They can also feed the animals in this section, providing them an interactive experience with the animals.

Another nice Illinois zoo is the Brookfield Zoo which is also home for a lot of firsts. It’s the first zoo in the US to exhibit giant pandas, the first zoo to have a simulation of the rain forest indoors, and first indoor dolphin exhibit. If you want to have a unique encounter with different animals, these two Illinois Zoos are the places to be. Illinois zoo coupons are always released to different retail stores near the parks, and printed to local magazines and newspapers so that locals and tourists can have the chance to visit these zoos in Illinois for a much affordable price.

Illinois Zoo