Indianapolis Zoo Coupons

Indianapolis Zoo Coupons

Indianapolis Zoo
1200 Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46222

Phone Number:

Operation Hours:
Daily 9:00am-4:00pm

About the Zoo:
The Indianapolis Zoo is one of the best and most famous zoos in America’ and why shouldn’t it be? This zoo has plenty of special events and special zoo experiences each year that are memorable for both the young and old alike. Swim with the dolphins in the zoo’s Dolphin In-Water Adventure or have an Elephant paint-you-a-picture in the Elephant Art Adventure.

Then there’s also the Elephant bathing adventure and even the sea lion or seal painting art adventure! There are exhibits and animal wildlife attractions that are very informative so that you’ll get to learn a thing or two about different animal habitats.

Have you ever wanted to experience visiting the zoo at night? Then you should try out the Nocturnal Adventures in the Indianapolis Indianapolis Zoo CouponsZoo. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you astounded and if you want to get discounts for zoo expenses, you should use printable zoo coupons.

These are essentially the best way for you to save in your visit to Indianapolis zoo.

Ticket Admission Price:
Adults = $8.50
Children 2 to 12 = $6.50
Seniors 62 + = $6.50
Children 1 and under = Free