Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park
3667 Concession Road 6
Orono, Ontario
L0B 1M0

(905) 983-5016

About the Zoo:
Hearing about Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park might make you think that it’s a zoo that only features animals belonging in the cat family. Well, this park has a variety of species that you can take sight of. There are a total of 52 mammals, 7 birds, 19 reptiles, 5 amphibians and 15 invertebrates featured in the zoo. But the total of all the “residents” here is 254 animals and you will definitely find all of them fascinating. You might want to check out some of the animals housed in Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park:

Amur Leopard
Eurasian Lynx
Fishing Cat
Siberian Tiger
Snow Leopard
Barn Owl
Blue and Gold Macaw
Blue Indian Peafowl
Canada Goose
Muscovy Duck
Ring-tailed Hawk
Turkey Vulture
Umbrella Cockatoo
Yellow-crowned Parrot
Reptiles and Amphibians:
Ball Phyton
Bearded Dragon
Black and White Argentine Tegu
Black Rat Snake
Bull Snake
Californian Kingsnake
Columbian Boa
Common Garter Snake
Corn Snake
Honduran Milksnake
Leopard Gecko
Nigerian Uromastyx
Prairie Kingsnake
Red-eared Slider
Red Tegu
Sinaloan Milksnake


Good news for car-owners out there, no need to shell out a few dollars for the parking fee because parking here is FREE! If you have a dollar or two to spare, it would be a noble work to donate a few cash to help the zoo in taking care of its animals. Are you planning to stay for a two- or three-night stay near the zoo? Then feel an outstanding accommodation by spending a few days at the Bed & Breakfast inns! The decent lodging will certainly give you a relaxing stay. For more details about Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park, you may check out this site as often as you can.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife ParkTicket Admission Price:
Adult: $15.00
Youth: $10.00
Senior: $10.00
Child: $7.50
Toddler (age 2 below): FREE

Group Rates:
Adult: $9.00
Youth: $7.00
Senior: $7.00
Child: $5.00
Toddler (age 2 below): FREE