Lehigh Valley Zoo Coupons

Lehigh Valley Zoo
4731 O’ Malley Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

Phone Number:

(907) 346-3242

Operation Hours:

10AM – 3PM (Winter)

About the Zoo:

The Lehigh Valley Zoo is one of the most recommended tour spots in Pennsylvania. Your whole family will surely enjoy in this zoo thanks to the various living animal exhibits and zoo activities! Why, just merely looking at various animals cage after cage will already perk up your kids ‘ curiosity. Even better, there are also educational programs available for kids wanting to learn more about animals and nature. Just have in mind that there are different admission prices for every season. This information might help you in doing the math:

In-Season Admission (April 1 – October 21, 2011)

Child (age 2-11): $7.75
Adult (age 12-64): $9.75
Senior (age 65+): $8.75

Operating Hours (In-Season)

10AM – 4PM (Zoo)
11AM – 3PM (Nature Store)
11AM – 3PM (Cafe)
*Operating Hours might be reconsidered depending on the weather

For group rates:

Child (age 2-11): 5.75
Adult (age 12-64): $7.75
Senior (age 65+): $6.75

Off-Season (now in effect)
Child (age 2-11): $5.75
Adult (age 12-64): $5.75
Senior (age 65+): $5.75

Lehigh Valley Zoo Coupons
Zoo members will be entitled to free admissions on each season. It would also be great to visit the zoo during the winter because almost all animals are exhibited. If you will visit the zoo during this time of year, it would also be advisable to bring your own snack because the Cafe and Nature Store might not be operating.

For more information about Lehigh Valley Zoo, visit this website regularly.

Ticket Admission Price:
Child (age 2-11): $7.75
Adult (age 12-64): $7.75
Senior (age 65+): $7.75