Little Rock Zoo Coupons

Little Rock Zoo Coupons

Little Rock Zoo
1 Zoo Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone Number:

(501) 666-2406

Operation Hours:
Daily 9am – 5pm

You can tell if a zoo is exceptional if it’s does not only have amazing animals but it also has great amenities. If you’re looking for this kind of tour spot, Little Rock Zoo in Arizona is more than able to provide all the standards you want. Just to give you a general idea about the great features about this zoo, here are some you might like:

Lorikeet Landing – This wonderful exhibit helps lorikeets and the people visiting to have a valuable interaction by letting the visitors feed the birds with the in-house sold nectar. For only $2, you will be able to feed these precious lorikeets.

Fish Feeding – If you think that there is no worth buying for 25 cents, you might want to buy a handful of fish food. There are several fish feeding stations all over Little Rock Zoo.

Train – Does walking tire you easily? With the zoo’s train, you won’t have to stroll just to see the numerous animals all over the zoo, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy every view that passes you.

There’s an essential information listed above this page that will help you in doing the budget.

There are also other services available like stroller, wagon and electric scooter for rent. Each of these stuff costs $10.00 rental all day and deposit is not required. For the “Scooter Bug” electric scooters, you can pay $25 for a whole day rental without deposit.