Meet the Tiger: What You Need to Know About This Big Cat

One of my favorite animals that I’d really like to see whenever I would go to the zoo is the tiger. They’re big cats that seem so powerful and yet I can’t help but wish that I can cuddle and touch their furs. But aside from the scary growls and awesome moves that they do, there are so much more interesting things about tigers that everyone should know. Here are some of them:

Like a fingerprint.
The most fascinating thing about tigers is perhaps the fact that each tiger has its own unique pattern of stripes. Just like human finger print, this is what keeps each tiger distinct from another. These cool stripes are also used to help them hide better in the environment and thus sneak up on their prey easily.

They need protection.
No matter how powerful and scary they may look, tigers just like any other animals also need protection. In fact, there are only nine subspecies of tigers in the world– the three known to be extinct (Javan, CaspianĀ  and Bali) while the remaining six are already endangered (Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Sumatran and Siberian).

Not social creatures.
It’s not a mood swing when you see a tiger roaming alone or just lying quietly in one corner. Truth is, tigers are loners most of the time except of course when they are courting, mating or raising their offspring.

Lions meet the Tigers.
Particularly in China, it is quite common to mix the breed of tigers to another feline family, the lions. Tigon is what you call the cross breed of a female lion to a male tiger. If an offspring from the mix is a male, he’s like to be sterile while females can still be able to breed successfully.

White Tigers are not Natural.
Whenever you would see a white tiger, most like this is a result of a genetic mutation. This practice is done quite commonly in zoos to add color to the zoos. However, white tigers are more like to develop serious health problems and other physical deformities than other naturally bred types of tigers.

They are athletic.
No wonder tigers love to bask in a pond or river during the day. They are actually good at swimming and can still capture a prey through the waters. They are also very good jumpers. In fact, they can leap forward as much as 33 feet in one jump.

The tigers just like any other creature also needs to be taken cared of. That’s why it is important for us to know more about them to make us realize that they are special animals worthy of any human admiration. Knowing these facts can help us appreciate tigers more the next time we see them when we visit the zoo.