Mesker Park Zoo Coupons

Mesker Park Zoo
1545 Mesker Park Drive
Evansville, IN 47720

Phone Number:
(812) 435-6143
Fax: (812) 435-6140

About the Zoo:
Visit Mesker Park Zoo and have a fun yet educational tour with your family! With hundreds of animals to take a look at, this zoo will never run out of anything valuable to teach about animals. Surely your kids will never leave this zoo without any new thing learned. Thinking about the budget? There’s a general admission guide posted above that might help you in doing the math. Not only that, because Mesker Zoo mainly focuses in providing entertainment for visitors, the zoo came up with a lot of programs and attractions that you will love. Just to give you a brief information about these, here are some of the highlights of the zoo:

Walking Class – Do you want your kids to have a healthy lifestyle while learning more about animals? You can let them join in this Walking Class together with McDonald’s, Bob’s Gym and WIKY. There will be a brisk walk all throughout the zoo while taking intervals of different workouts.

Giraffe Feedings – Learning can be a lot effective if there’s an interaction involved. You can let your kids feed a Mesker Park Zoo Couponsgroup of tame giraffes. No need to worry about safety because there are zoo staff ready to accompany your young ones during the feeding.

Fun in the Forest – Kids just love games and because Mesker Park Zoo is very much aware of it, some zoo staff were trained to handle games, biofacts chat and storytelling for young visitors!

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Ticket Admission Price:

Kids: $7.50
Adults: $8.50