Michigan Zoo Coupons

Binder Park Zoo and Detroit Zoo are both Michigan zoos that have special programs that center on preserving wildlife and educating people, especially children. The Binder Park Zoo has an award-winning exhibit for children that lets them interact with different kinds of animals, which include mainly small domesticated animals like guinea pigs, goats, and llamas. The exhibit also includes a small dinosaur play area with a large brachiosaurus sculpture to highlight the place.

The Detroit Zoo is also one Michigan zoo that not only treats its visitors to amazing collections of animals, but also educates them through different kinds of programs and seminars about helping to preserve endangered species. Currently, this Michigan Zoo has a been participating in several Species Survival Plans. The zoo also takes in abused circus animals to be taken cared of. These tow Michigan zoos are really a nice place to have in the state. They’re just two of the zoos in the country that have an amazing vision of spreading awareness to people about wildlife preservation. Families, group of friends, practically everyone can get in to Detroit Zoo and Binder Park Zoo using Michigan zoo coupons. It’s another one of the nice things about these zoos, making it more affordable to visit for people who are a bit hesitant because of the price of admission.

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