Missouri Zoo Coupons

Kansas City Zoo is one Missouri zoo that has been included in the list of America’s best zoos in 2008. It’s the tenth largest zoo in the country, with over 1,300 animals and an award-winning exhibits for African animals and Australian animals. The extensive collection of species of animals has a general appeal to the public, making it a very famous zoo not just in Missouri but in the country. There is a lot of see in the zoo apart from the award-winning exhibits. There’s also the KidZone which is especially for kids who want a closer encounter with animals, and different transportations inside that tour you through different exhibits.

St. Louis Zoological Park is another Missouri zoo that’s also recognized as a leading zoo in the country, specializing in education, awareness, conservation, and research of animal management. The zoo has a massive collection of animals of more than 20,000. It’s probably most known for having the Zooline Railroad which takes passengers around the zoo and stopping at the more popular attractions. There are also several exhibits in the zoo, and a children’s zoo which lets the kids interact with different kinds of animals. Although the admission here is free, certain attractions and shows inside require fees, that’s why it’s best to get Missouri zoo coupons if you want to experience the zoos without spending too much on fees inside.

Missouri Zoo