Montreal Zoo

Montreal Zoo
4777 Avenue Pierrep-De Coubertin
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H1V 1B3

(514) 868-3000

Hitting two birds in one stone is good; but hitting four birds in one stone is even better! That can actually happen to you if you will visit the Montreal Zoo in Quebec. There are biodome, insectarium, botanical garden and planetarium that you can always check out when you visited this area. Here’s the best thing about Montreal Zoo; the admission prices are affordable so there’s no need to worry about the money you have to splurge! Planning to visit this zoo? Might as well take a look at the details provided below:

Operation Schedule and Hours:
High Season: mid-June-Labour Day, 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Low Season: Labour Day-mid-June, 9:00 AM-5:00PM

Admission Rates for 2011:

Adult (age 18-64): $16.50 / QC Residents: 14.00
Senior (age 65+): $12.50 / QC Residents: 10.50
Youth (age 5-17): $8.25 / QC Residents: 7.00
Students (age 18+, with card): $12.50 / QC Residents: $10.50
Child (age 2-4): $2.50 / QC Residents: $2.00

Group Rates for 2011:
Adult (age 18-64): $12.00
Senior (age 65+): $9.00
Youth (age 5-17): $6.0
Students (age 18+, with card): $9.00
Child (age 2-4): $1.75

Are you a teacher who’s arranging an educational tour for your students? The zoo also offers Montreal Zooactivities that visitors can do. Events are also held here so if you’re booking for a group tour, be sure to book a date that falls on a certain event for additional fun. You can also do shopping here or even stay for a few days! There are packages and hotel accommodations that might perfectly suit your budget. For more information, visit the zoo’s main website or check back on this page as soon as you can. Have a fulfilling vacation at Montreal Zoo!