Naples Zoo Coupons

Naples Zoo
1590 Goodlette, Frank Road
Naples, FL 34102-5260

Phone Number:

(239) 262-5409

Operation Hours:

Daily 10am – 5pm

About the Zoo:
Considering for a zoo that would totally amaze you? Come and visit Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens and be astounded by the fascinating display of numerous animals! This zoo is not just comprised of several animals locked in hutches and pens. It’s like a real jungle inside Florida. Even more, you and your kids will also witness many shows that would leave you in great astonishment. Don’t have any idea about the attractions that await you? Here’s a list of features that you and your family will surely love:

Planet Predator – Do you just love watching the feline family’s mysterious nature? This show will let you and your young ones learn more about the animals in the cat family.

Primate Expedition Cruise – Be amazed by monkeys, apes and lemurs’ way of living as you have a guided tour pass the part of the zoo where these animals are housed.

Naples Zoo Coupons
Serpents: Fangs and Fictions – Discover more about venomous snakes as zoo experts and professional handlers tell you facts and fictions about these creatures.

If you have plans of visiting this zoo, there’s a list of general admission attached on the top part of this page. Please be informed that wearing shirts and shoes is required as part of Naples Zoo’s policy. For more information about this zoo, you can visit this website.