New Jersey Zoo Coupons

Do you want to visit a zoo when you get to New Jersey? Are you particularly looking for exciting animal exhibits? The densely populated and second wealthiest state in America has zoo attractions for every family. Have fun and learn at the same time when you get to visit zoos like the Animal Kingdom in Bordentown, the Bergen County Zoological Park in Paramus, the Cohanzick Zoo in Birdgeton, and even the Turtleback Zoo in West Orange. You’ll get to see various domestic and foreign wildlife exhibits and learn more about animal conservation awareness promoted by the zoos.

You can see what’s in store for you when you take a look at the zoos website. The Animal Kingcom in Bordentown has an extensive collection of exotic animals like an African leopard tortoise, an artic fox, coati mundis, a giant African crested porcupine, and even several species of lemurs. The Bergen County Zoological Park has animals native to North and South America. Wonderful exhibits of birds, reptiles, and amphibians await you. They also have educational programs for pre-school and high school that’s perfect for your kids. The Cohanzick Zoo has beautiful exhibits and facilities that will make your stay enjoyable. There are over 200 birds and mammals located in their exhibits and in their simulated natural habitat. Now you can learn about animals in when you’re in New Jersey. Don’t forget to take advantage of New Jersey coupons from online and offline sources.

New Jersey Zoo