North Dakota Zoo Coupons

The midwestern state of North Dakota may be the third least populous in the US but people still find many places to visit for a recreational activity. There are a lot of fine arts museums and historical parks and landmarks to visit. And if you’re around the area and would want to go somewhere, you should try visiting some of the North Dakota zoos. The animals that you’ll find inside the zoos are mostly native animals in the US but there are also foreign species displayed in live exhibits. Get to visit zoos like the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, the Red River Zoo in Fargo, and even the Roosevelt Park in Minot. The zoos have varied activities as well so if you have any kids, then bring them along for some educational fun with animals!

The Dakota Zoo is the largest zoo in North Dakota. The fauna that you will find are mostly land animals like badgers, llamas, leopards, reindeer, and even kangaroos. There are also birds of prey and waterfowl located in their respective habitats inside the zoo. There’s a playground and a train-like ride that takes people around the zoo exhibits. The Red River Zoo focuses more on animal conservation. You can even get to adopt an animal and get to interact with it. The most favorite animal exhibit would be the red pandas.

For more information about the zoos, you can get to their main websites online. You can also get the chance to get some North Dakota zoo coupons before your visit. You can get those discount coupons using online sources like zoo coupon sites.

North Dakota Zoo