Ohio Zoo Coupons

The Columbus Zoo in Ohio is more than a great zoo. It also actively holds conservations programs that have fund-raising activities and donates to other programs and help others out in their own conservation efforts. In just five years, the zoo has already raised about $3.3 million for 15 different programs. There are different discount coupons for Columbus Zoo that people can get online. A lot of people are looking for the discount coupons to get a chance to experience more inside the zoo. There are three major attractions and eleven regions in the park, each concentrating in a different habitat, and people can see everything in them more easily if you have discount coupons for Columbus Zoo.

Toledo Zoo also in Ohio is also an active institution participating over 30 Species Survival Plans. It’s also home to some of the world’s firsts, including the first zoo to have a video of a hippo birth, and the first and only place in the world to have a Kihansi Spray Toad included in its collection. A large fraction of its visitors get in the zoo using Toledo Zoo coupons. The coupons help the people save money during their visit and get to see more of the zoo like other attractions and transportations inside the zoo that they can try.

Cleveland Zoo and Cincinnati Zoo are two other examples of zoos in Ohio which are famous in ther own rights. The Cleveland Zoo is divided into seven sections, and also a title holder itself. It currently has the largest collection of Primates in North America. The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the US. It’s also the home of the last living Passenger Pigeon that died in 1914 and the last living Carolina Parakeet that died in 1918. The zoo is not only educational and holds a wide range of exotic animals, but it’s also a very historical place. Imagine the Ohio zoo coupons helping you out with your expenses.

Ohio Zoo