Out of Africa Park Coupons

Out of Africa Park Coupons

Out of Africa Park
3505 West Highway 260
Capm Verde, AZ 86322

Phone Number:

Operation Hours:
Daily 9:30am – 5pm

About the Zoo:
When you hear the word zoo, what comes into your mind? It would probably “safari”, “wild life” or “exotic animals”. When you think about Out of Africa Park, you will not only think about the words mentioned above, you will also picture fun, educational tour and amazing animal displays. That’s how good this zoo is. There are a lot of features that you and your kids will surely enjoy. You can make sure that you are getting the most out of your money upon your visit in this zoo. Here are some of the attractions that you and your family will love:

The Wildlife Preserve – Do you just love fierce-looking predators? This section of the zoo will greatly leave you in amazement as you learn more about the animals housed here.

Tiger Splash – Be entertained with the tigers’ playful nature as a zoo expert tries to play with the feline predators. The tigers are especially trained and are completely harmless so you don’t have to worry about you and your family’s safety.

African Bush Safari – If your kids just love feeding giraffes, looking at groups of ostrich and emu, this part of the zoo will make them curious in excitement. Using the zoo’s safari vehicle, you can ride in the vicinity of the zoo’s safari and take a look at these wild animals.

Don’t have any idea about the general admission prices? Have a look at the guide above this page.

Please take note that kids under 3 years of age are free from admission. Taxes are also not included onOut of Africa Park Coupons prices listed above.

For Arizona residents, here’s the special price list:
Children (age 3-12 years): $15
Adults (age 13-64): $28
Seniors (age 65 years up): $26

Ticket Admission Price:
Children (age 3-12 years): $20
Adults (age 13- 64 years): $36
Seniors (age 65 years up): $2