Palm Beach Zoo Coupons

Palm Beach Zoo Coupons

Palm Beach Zoo
1301 Summit Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33405-3035

Phone Number:
+1 (561) 547-9453

Operation Hours:
Daily 9am – 5pm

About the Zoo:
Visit Palm Beach Zoo and have a wonderful experience with your family while having a close encounter with wild and extinct animals. By giving your kids this treat, you don’t only provide happiness, you also give them something valuable and educational. With over 1,400 animals in this 23-acre zoo, your young ones will surely have lots to learn about animals and nature. Just to give you a useful information about Palm Beach Zoo, here are the other features and attractions inside the tour spot:

The Harriet W. and George D. Cornell Tropics of the Americas Exhibit
– Visiting this building is like bringing your kids to a different era. Being the latest addition of Palm Beach Zoo, this exhibit features Central and South America’s native culture. There are wild animals like jaguar, Baird’s tapir, capybaras and Patagonian cavies.

Carousel – If you think that animals display is all that this zoo can give, wait until you see the magnificent carousel. With only $2 to spend per individual, your kids will surely love this unforgettable ride. Proceeds will go to the zoo’s finances.

Interactive Fountain – Kids just love playing and because Palm Beach Zoo is very much aware of that, this interactive fountain was made to give fun for every kid visiting the zoo. The random water jets that splashes along with the music’s rhythm will surely make your young ones overjoyed.

Palm Beach Zoo Coupons
Arranging a visit in this zoo? There’s a general admission guide listed above this page.

There are also other services offered like:
Wheelchair rental: $7.00
Stroller rental: $5.00
Double Stroller rental: $7.00

For more information about Palm Beach Zoo, you may check out this website regularly.