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Pocatello Zoo
2900 South 2nd Avenue
Ross Park
Pocatello, Idaho

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Operation Hours:

Daily 9am – 5pm

About the Zoo:

Choosing what informational tour to give your kids? The Pocatello Zoo located in Idaho will surely suit your standards as a parent. In this animal land, your kids will not only enjoy the sight of exotic creatures, but they will also be taught by zoo experts how animals should be given with proper care. From the cat family that includes lynx, cougar and bobcat to antelopes like elk, pronghorn and deer, the zoo can guarantee you that you won’t leave the zoo without any new thing learned. Much more than that, there are also other services offered by Pocatello Zoo. Here are some that might be useful to you:

Zoo-4-TOTS – Do you want your pre-schooler kid to cultivate his curious mind more about animals using the main senses of the body? The zoo holds an educational program that will hone your young one’s memory about various animals. With an additional $8.00 apart from the paid admission ticket, you and your kid can join this program!

Birthday Bearnanza
– Planning to give your kid a really swell birthday party? You don’t have to splurge a lot of money to get a booked birthday event in Pocatello Zoo. For only $200 as the base price, your child will have a wonderful birthday party for two whole hours!

Full-Day Camps – Is half a day not enough to learn more about animals? If you are visiting in large groups, you might want to try their full-day camp offer. For more information, you may call the phone number listed above this page.

Don’t have any idea about the prices? Contact the zoo’s main office to get a price quote. What are you waiting for? Visit Pocatello Zoo as early as possible!