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Among the many animals kept in most of the zoos in Canada, polar bears are seldom seen. Maybe for a reason that these mammals are used to living in a different and cold environment. Good thing, there’s the polar bear Habitat that you can visit in Cochrane, Ontario when you want to see the cuddly, snow white, polar bears! Enjoy watching them to your heart’s content and learn something about their nature even for a day. It’s really inspiring to know that there are animal institutions like Polar Bear Habitat where these animals are being taken care of. Polar bears were categorized under “Special Concern”and “Vulnerable” because of their plummeting population as the years pass by. To have a general knowledge about these cute-but-fierce mammals, check out some of the facts provided below.

* Most of the polar bears live in Canada, Russia, United States, Norway and Greenland.
* One of the threats that can harm polar bears’ survival and population increase is the global warming.
* Polar bears belong in the world’s eight bear species; they are the largest among the various kinds of bears.
* These mammals need at least 4.4 pounds of blubber per day to last a day.
* Polar bears mate during the months of April and May.
* Cubs are taken care by mother bears until the cubs are two years old – old enough to hunt for their own food.
* Cubs feed on the polar bear’s milk for a period of one year.
* A polar bear’s fur is waterproof; it’s because their skin secretes oils that protect the bear’s fur.

Just can’t have enough and want to learn about more about these arctic mammals? Then visit Polar Bear Habitatthe habitat as soon as you can! A few Canadian dollars will be worth the pay. Besides, visiting this place will be of great help to the institution as well. When you pay for the admission, you help the habitat store up budget for the animals’ food and maintenance. Visit the Polar Bear Habitat’s main website for more details about the locale. You can also check back on this page for updates in the near future.