Potawatomi Zoo Coupons

Potawatomi Zoo
4731 O’ Malley Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

Phone Number:

(907) 346-3242
Fax: 574-235-9080

About the Zoo:
Tired of going to theme parks and other tour spots? Why not give your kids a different view by bringing them to Potawatomi Zoo in Indiana? From marvelous mammals to incredible invertebrates, you will see hundreds of animals of different species in just a day! This is the kind of zoo that won’t bore you just by merely looking at animals in pens, cages and hutches. The zoo has come up with some attractions that you and your kids will surely love, here are some:

Australian Walk-a-bout – Did you know that the more attractive the environment is, the more it helps the visitors to actually feel what it’s like to be in in a real jungle with the animals? Well, if you and your family want to be transported instantly in the land down under, this part of the zoo will surely dazzle you. You will see numerous species of Australian birds, kangaroo and wallaby.

Red Panda Forest – One of the main reasons why people visit the zoo is because of the rare animals. Potawatomi Zoo has successfully helped the red pandas bred more cubs. You can take delight of the sight in this part of the zoo.

Potawatomi Zoo CouponsLion Exhibit Expansion – Take your kids in this Lion Exhibit and let them meet the King of the Jungle and its pride! The naturally designed grassy area and cliff makes up for realistic appearance of the exhibit.

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Ticket Admission Price:
Child (age 3-14): $6.00
Adult (age 15-61): $8.00 Senior (age 62+): $6.00