Promised Land Zoo Coupons

Promised Land Zoo
32297 Hwy 86
Eagle Rock, MO 65641

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About the Zoo:
A lot of zoos can give you entertainment and knowledge but only few can give you an additional bonus like low admission rates. Want to know a park that won’t leave a hole in your wallet? Why not try visiting Promised Land Zoo? Surely your kids will love to see over 500 animals from 50 different species in this 120-acre zoo! Even better than that, you and your family will get to hand-feed the animals without having to worry about safety.

Promised Land Zoo will not only teach your kids facts about animals, the zoo will also inspire them about the importance of animals in our lives because many of the animals here were rescued from danger. Fixing a tour in this zoo? Here are some additional information that might be of great use to you:

Buy Animal Food:
Keepsake Cup: $4.00
Small Feed: $2.00
Large Feed: $5.00

Group Rates
Children: (10-19) $7.95 / (20-29) $6.95 / (30+) $5.95
Adults: (10-19) $11.95 / (20-29) $10.95 / (30+) $9.95
Seniors: (10-19) $7.95 / (20-29) $6.95 / (30+) $5.95

Here’s a good news, you can get a free admission if you are a foster parent. All you have to do is present legal documents as a proof Promised Land Zoo Couponsthat you are a foster parent and you get a free pass! If you want to know more about Promised Land Zoo, you can visit this website regularly.

Ticket Admission Price:
Child (age 2-12): $8.95
Adult (age 13-64): $12.95
Senior (age 65+): $8.95