Pueblo Zoo Coupons

Pueblo Zoo
3455 Nuckolls Avenue
Pueblo, CO 81005

Phone Number:

Operating Hours:
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

About the Zoo:
Going to the zoo can be really entertaining – and exhausting. Good thing there are tour spots like Pueblo Zoo that’s completely paved and stroller-accesible. With its well-developed grounds, you will be able to stroll with ease and comfort. Even more, the approximate number of 420 different animals of 140 species makes up for the whole fun and educational tour you’re looking for. Here are the zoo features that you and your kids will surely enjoy:

Serengeti Safari
North American Grasslands
American Grasslands
Australian Outback
World of Color
Asian Adventure
Islands of Life

Planning to visit Pueblo Zoo? There’s an admission price guide posted above this site to help you do the math.

Note that toddlers under two years of age are admitted free. A group admission should comprise of 15 or more individuals that registered seven days in advance. Groups may hand the payment upon arrival or pay in advance through credit/debit transactions. Pueblo Zoo Coupons Please be informed that there will be no refund but the zoo would be glad to re-schedule the visit. Members of AAZK, AZA and other reciprocal zoos will be entitled to a 50% discount. You can check this website for more information in the near future.

Ticket Admission Price:
Children: $5.00
Adults: $8.00
Seniors: $7.00

Group Admission:
Children: $4.00
Adult: $6.00