Riverbanks Zoo and Garden Coupons

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
5 00 Wildlife Pkwy
Columbia SC 29210

Phone Number:

Operation Hours:
Daily 9:00am-5:00pm

About the Zoo:
Come to the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden and see the spectacular sights of nature. It is home to a collection of 3000 animals, both local and exotic. Discover land and aquatic species which you have never seen before and gather information about them with guided tours and supervised interactions.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden CouponsAll at once, get to view the wonderful display of our world’s flora through the built in botanical garden inside the zoo.

The Riverbanks Zoo & Garden continues to bring people closer to nature with their animal and plant exhibits. Not only do they exert this much effort to unleash people’s inner passion for nature but they also contribute to many conservation efforts in order to give shelter to endangered animals and at the same time, protect their natural habitat.

With their educational programs and tours, the zoo isn’t only a tourist destination but an adventure central. Plus, with zoo coupons, this visit will forever be a memorable one.

Ticket Admission Price:
Adults = $11.75
Seniors = $10.75
Children 3-12 = $9.25
Children 0-3 = free