Seven Tips in Planning a Zoo Trip

Going to the zoo with the whole family is one great way to bond and create wonderful memories. Aside from that, you also get to help your kids know more about the different animals and instill a deeper appreciation for these creatures. But to make the most out of your zoo trip, there are several things that you need to consider first. To give you a jump start, here are seven cool tips that you might want to use when you visit the zoo.

– Visit the zoo’s website beforehand and try to learn the shows and presentations they offer. Also, try to know the particular times that they are shown. Be sure to find out the feeding schedule of animals so that you’d be able to see them in action.

– Watch out for any animal shows or small talks delivered by zookeepers. This is one of the best ways  to learn about and appreciate more the different creatures kept in the zoo. This is also the best time to ask questions about the zoo animals.

– Consider the weather when you visit the zoo. Keep in mind that during very hot weather, animals tend to move a lot slower and are quieter than usual (especially if the animals are from a much colder place).

– Let the kids navigate your trip. This will prove to make the whole trip more fun for them. Before going to the zoo, have a map of the place printed out or ask for a copy at the zoo information desk. Let your child mark the things and animals that he’d like to see.

– It is important for you to obey zoo rules and help protect the animals living inside the zoo. Avoid littering and refrain from feeding the animals. Remember that litter and human food can actually make the animals sick.

– Instead of moving from one cage to another, linger in a particular cage for quite some time especially if you want to know more about the animals.

– For your safety, stay only in the designated areas and avoid crossing over the fences or going to restricted places.

There’s so much to love about the zoos and visiting one will definitely be memorable for the whole family. The key to making this happen is for the whole trip to be well prepared and planned. So, the next time your family plans a zoo trip, make sure that you follow these seven tips and you’ll surely have a roaring wonderful day!